Specific Areas of Expertise


Food Process Engineering and Food Technology

Specific areas of expertise include:

  • Thermal processing (recognised as an "Approved Person" for the design of thermal processes)

  • Drying of food products

  • Education and training (industry short courses in relevant technical areas and tertiary level teaching)

  • Extrusion technology for foods

Professional Associations

Member of the Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology




Consultancy Experience

  • Design/validation of thermal processes for retort pouch products (including meats, rice, desserts, and seafood), and submission of thermal process applications Dept of Agriculture Biosecurity (formerly AQIS -Australian Quarantine & Inspection Service) to achieve export approval

  • Advice on the setting up of retort systems

  • Provision of industry training in retort operation, extrusion, and drying

  • Manufacture/preservation of coconut products

  • Design of a bulk drying system for peanuts

  • Design of a belt drying system for root ginger

  • Design/development of fluid bed dryers for tea processing

  • Provision of technical services for the production of hot fill products

  • Advice and equipment selection regarding the establishment of a mango puree processing line

  • Advising on equipment used to process meat for the production of a dried mince product

  • Advising on improvements to a continuous pet food dryer

  • Design of a drying/storage system for macadamia nuts

  • Design and equipment specification for the drying of other products including mangoes, pepper, and tea

  • Development of extrusion processes for a range of products including stock and aquaculture feeds, breakfast cereals, and expanded snacks

  • Improving performance of a pasta manufacturing line

  • Provision of technical assistance for the production of a frozen baby food product

  • Technical adviser to a joint venture project on drying of molasses (utilising microwave technology)

  • Drying and heat preservation trials for mango products

  • Design of systems for heating fruit for disinfestation

  • Technical input into feasibility studies on establishing a processing plant to produce fruit chips (Tasmania) and general fruit processing (north Queensland)

International Experience

  • Troubleshooting and factory audit, condensed milk processing, Brazil

  •  Retort temperature distribution and process validation work in New Zealand, Thailand, and India

  •  Presenting Retort Supervisor’s Courses in Papua New Guinea.

  •  Presented Thermal Process design (“Approved Persons” level) and retort Supervisor’s training in Fiji 2013 (for the Pacific canning industry, organised by the Secretariat of Pacific Communities)

  •  Successfully organised and presented international training courses in Bangkok, Thailand:

    • “Food and Feed Extrusion Technology”, 2004 to 2014 (every one to two years).

    • “Food Water Activity & Drying Technology” 2006, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2014.

  •  Processing of seaweed for carrageenan production in The Philippines

  •  Jointly organising and presenting short course on food drying technology, Bangkok 1996.

  •  Involvement in a project concerned with the development of low-cost heat disinfestation systems for fruit and vegetables - cooperators in Thailand and Vietnam.