Privacy Policy


FiE is committed to handling personal information responsibly, in a professional manner, and in accordance with:

  • The Australian Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and associated Australian Privacy Principles (APPs).

  • The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

FiE collects and stores contact details of individuals and companies solely for the purpose of making them aware of services such as training courses relevant to the food and related industries.  The information stored includes names, associated organisation and position in that organisation, location (to assist in customising information sent) and email address. FiE does not store any “sensitive information” (as defined under the Act). The database is securely stored using a “Mail Chimp” account.  The database, or sections of it, are not shared with other organisations (in Australia or overseas) or with individuals outside FiE. (Contact details of individuals attending an event may be shared with a collaborator in that event, only for the purposes of communication with respect to that event).

Database contacts are only stored if that person:

  • Has voluntarily subscribed to the database on line, or

  • Has otherwise expressly given their permission to be included in the database.

Information is sent to contacts via email.  Emails sent via the database include a link to enable recipients to Unsubscribe from the database.  Any individual can also request they be unsubscribed by contacting FiE at On receipt of an unsubscribe request, FiE immediately unsubscribes that individual and they will receive no further contact via the database.

If an individual wishes to obtain details of information about them held by FiE, or if they wish to update or correct the information held, or complain about a breach of privacy principles, they can also send their request to

Last Modified: 27 May 2018